Vehicle selection, consulting

Our specialists will assess your needs and possibilities based on a full consultation. Based on that consultation, a proposal is made for the type and equipment of the cars. If required, we will provide you and your staff a free test car for any model, so you will always be in a well-founded decision-making position. FlottaMan INC. provides brand-independent consulting. We always take into account decades of service experience when making a recommendation. We help you choose a car by examining modern, up-to-date environmental indicators (WLTP, TCO indicators).


Financing, shopping

We buy the car in the form of long-term rental that best suits your activity. You can select the type of interest rate as well as its currency (HUF / EUR).


Vehicle maintenance service

Depending on the package selected, the service covers the entire service cost of the car, in addition to the factory-prescribed revisions and rotating-wear parts, up to the filling of the windscreen washer fluid. Based on the needs of its customers, FlottaMan INC. has several different packages available for most contracts. Our biggest advantage is flexibility and an infinite number of different service elements. For example, there is an operating lease without maintenance, but with account verification or a long-term lease with full service.



The service includes the full cost of the tires of the selected brand, including their storage and repair work. If required, different quality tires can be selected within the fleet (economy, standard, premium).


Insurance, insurance claims

We take out comprehensive European casco insurance for all our cars. Our customers can choose from several deductible variations. We also offer the possibility to take out additional insurance from the wide range of basic insurance (luggage, accident, GAP, pothole damage). We also provide a full claims settlement service for insurance, which can be used through our national partner network.



Wherever your cars go, FlottaMan INC. takes care of you and your employees. Our Assistance service is ready to manage the given emergency situation in a 7/24 system anywhere in Hungary and Europe.


Chauffeur service

Our “Time is money” service saves you and your employees from having to reduce their own working hours with car-related tasks. The service is also available flexibly, in the form of a flat rate and ad hoc commission, built into a monthly fee.


Courtesy car service

In the event of an accident, damage event or other unforeseen situation, FlottaMan INC. will provide a replacement car at a pre-determined level instead of the lost car until the fleet-managed car is available again. The replacement car service is only available in the form of a flat fee.


Rent-a-car service

FlottaMan INC. provides this service exclusively to its customers as a supplement to an optimal choice of vehicles. Is the colleague on probation? Do you need a car for a foreign employee? Is the production of the new car delayed? At FlottaMan, we can also provide more special vehicles to meet ad hoc needs. FlottaMan INC’s rental car fleet is at your disposal in any category – well below the market price.

Additional services

FlottaMan provides several additional services for its customers, which makes using company cars more comfortable. Here are some of the most frequent requests from our partners:

  • tolls management
  • penalty handling and administration
  • fuel card management
  • giving out parking licences
  • tax counseling regarding company cars