Selecting a vehicle, counseling

Our specialists measure your needs and possibilities based on a full audit. Built on this they will give you an offer regarding to the vehicle type and specification. You can ask for a test vehicle for free from any models, so you can make a well-grounded decision.

Funds, acquisitions

We fit your needs when buying a vehicle in a form of a long-term occupational lease. You can choose the type of the interest as well as its currency (HUF / EUR).

Vehicle maintenance service

Based on the selected package we cover the vehicles’ maintenance from the mandatory revisions, through checking the wearing-parts, to filling the windscreen-washer system.


This service includes the selected brands’ price, storage and any repairs. In your fleet you can choose among different quality for your vehicles (economy, standard, premium).

Insurance, insurance claims

Our vehicles are covered with full CASCO in all of Europe. Our customers can choose from different payment methods. You can choose from a wide range of optional insurance packages (baggage, collision, GAP, pot-hole damage). Our insurances come with claims support, which you can access statewide, through our partners.


Wherever your cars are FlottaMan takes care of You and your colleagues. Our Assistance service is ready to manage any situations in 24-hours.

Chauffeur service

„Time is money” – our service spares You and your colleagues from any vehicle related duties or management giving You more free time. Our service is flexible, you can require it in a monthly flat rate or occasional form.

Courtesy car service

In case of an accident, a collision or any other unforeseen circumstances FlottaMan guarantees a predetermined courtesy car until your fleet managed vehicle is not available. The Courtesy car service only available in a flat rate form.

Rent-a-car service

FlottaMan offers this service only for partners. Is your colleague probational? You need a car for a foreign co-worker? Getting your new car lasts more than expected? A FlottaMan car rental fleet is at your service in any category – far under the market prices.

Additional services

FlottaMan provides several additional services for its customers, which makes using company cars more comfortable. Here are some of the most frequent requests from our partners:

  • tolls management
  • penalty handling and administration
  • fuel card management
  • giving out parking licences
  • tax counseling regarding company cars