YES. Fleet management’s most important advantage is that it frees our customers assets, so they can spend it on their main activities development.

In most cases Fleet management – considering its advantages – is a better option than other financing form. It is considered a service, not a financial product so it can provide more flexible terms and modifications. In other cases regarding different accounting reasons loan / lease can be the optimal solution.

FlottaMan’s monthly costs are 100% eligible, the TAX can be refunded in scla of company usage. (in some cases this can be 100%).

The number of orders are limited only by the customers’ creditability and needs. The flexibility of the contract lets you change the size of your fleet anytime.

It frees those assets that your company saved for purchasing vehicles. It also frees those assets that you spent on your fleet management including paying your co-workers time.

Due to vehicles involved in fleet management our costumers’ account releases in long term contract, the firm disposes amortizational loss, the profit indexes start growing. This leads to the firm’s prosperous credit ability, and with favourable terms and/or higher sum of credit you are able to finance your most profitable business.

Of course, we give you full support. We provide professional support from selecting a vehicle type, through making the TCO calculations, to writing your company’s Car Policy – we provide this support for free for our partners.

FlottaMan provides you many packages based on our experiences. After a detailed survey of your needs our experienced colleagues give you an exhaustive proposal about the ideal package for you. The selected package can be personalized to your unique needs if necessary.

The service’s range can be modified with mutual agreement, anytime, for the whole fleet, for a group of vehicles or for only one vehicle.

Every member in FlottaMan has a delegated contact person. You can find their names and contact information grouped by topics in your contract. For any questions we provide a personal account manager to our partners.

FlottaMan provides a 24-hour support regardless where you are.