About us

FlottaMan INC. is 100% Hungarian owned. Our staff has 25 years of automotive dealer and fleet management experience.​

Our company values: flexibility, friendly contact, well organised and effective team. Unique, transparent expenditure management. The constant incoming orders from our partners show us that we are on the right path!

Briefly about us

FlottaMan INC. deals with fleet management, long-term car rental/operative leasing. Our purpose is to spare those who want a car from the problems caused by purchasing, operating and selling a car! We believe in trust and humanity! We sincerely help and are happy to talk about cars. We give advice if there is a need for that and we do not disconnect after the sale, instead we pay attention to our partners.

We always look at the operation, processes and quality of our service to the highest standards. Our colleagues are knowledgeable and experienced.

We manage your company car or fleet. By contacting us, you can have a long-term, reliable relationship!


Our partners include small one-car businesses and large companies with over a hundred cars. The spine of the fleet is made up of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, but we are not excluded from renting machinery and various watercraft.

FlottaMan INC. is acknowledged by both Hungarian car importers and car financing institutions. Our company is a member of the Hungarian Leasing Association.

We strive to represent companies in the stable business segment who value long-term, truly quality collaboration. And in terms of their expectations and operating system, we are open to unique and flexible solutions.

We are proud that our customers choose us again and again. We have one of the most favorable customer satisfaction rates in the market segment. Our colleagues keep a fast, accurate and proactive attitude in mind in all cases.

We conduct a needs assessment and assist in the selection of cars, which we provide during a personal consultation. Colleagues with serious experience will interview the customer in person or by phone, and then, after a thorough needs assessment, they will recommend a car that meets several goals and needs.

FlottaMan INC. provides brand-independent consulting. We always take into account decades of service experience when making a recommendation.

We help you choose a car by examining modern, up-to-date environmental indicators (WLTP, TCO indicators).

We have nationwide coverage on both the service and dealer fronts.